Rub Out the Rub

Posted: May 1, 2013

Lines and cords can mar your boat’s surfaces. Guard against the unsightly damage.

By: Deane Hislop

Boat owners who take pride in the appearance of their boat try to prevent the minor, but unsightly, marring caused by chafing and abrasion. Such marring can happen to painted or varnished wood finishes, polished chrome and stainless metal hardware, and smooth fiberglass and gelcoat finishes.

Dock lines, electric shore-power cords and water hoses going from the boat to the dock are the most frequent contributors to chafe damage, as they are pulled over a toe rail, rubrail or handrail, and when they get pulled around a corner of the hull or superstructure. Chafing of the lines or cords themselves can also be a problem. To avoid this, a boat should be properly equipped with smooth chocks and strategically positioned fairleads, to keep the lines or cords from rubbing against any part of the boat, especially when they are under tension. Boat movement and rocking can cause shifts that result in loose lines coming tight and rubbing.

Chocks should be positioned so the dock lines will be led overboard without rubbing against the edges of the toe rail. If the chock is not wide enough to prevent such rubbing, then you should fasten half-round strips of stainless molding (sold for just this purpose) to the toe rail next to the chock. The line will rub on the molding as it goes overboard instead of rubbing on the wood or fiberglass. Protective strips of this kind should also be used where the anchor line goes through its chocks.

Anti-chafing gear is still needed in most cases, to protect both the boat and the lines against chafing when a dock line gets pulled tightly around the corner of the transom, around the corner of a cabin and/or over the edge of a covering board. You can improvise your own chafing gear by using short lengths of garden hose over the line. Tape, tie or sew the hose to the line to keep it from shifting as the boat moves. However, note that some types of hose can mar the fiberglass.

A far better solution is to use one of the anti-chafe products. Made of a tough, abrasion-resistant polyester, they will not split or deteriorate in the sun. They come with Velcro wrappings to hold them in place.

Chafing can also be caused when fender lines are tied to wood handrails. The wood railing should be wrapped with canvas or one of the many purpose-built fender straps. The fenders themselves can also cause chafing on some hulls, because they can ride up and down or because they are not large enough to keep all parts of the hull from scraping against the dock or pilings. If you frequently tie up to pilings or a fixed dock, use fender boards in addition to fenders. The boards will keep the fenders from rubbing against your boat after they have been rubbing against pilings that are covered with creosote.

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