A Tour of Lake Union With a Captain Who's Circled it 2,800 Times

Posted: July 17, 2014

By: Alison Marcotte [KPLU 88.5]

Capt. Larry Kezner blows the horn of the Fremont Avenue passenger vessel and undocks his boat from South Lake Union Park. Andy Kim’s popular ‘70s tune “Rock Me Gently” plays through the speakers as Kezner steers the boat around the southern shore of Lake Union. “Funky” background music is a staple of Kezner’s tours.

“Welcome aboard the Fremont Avenue,” he says over the intercom to the 24 passengers on board. “Thank you guys for coming out. Good sports for the cloudy day here.”

Kezner, 69, gives one-hour tours of Lake Union and Portage Bay on Fridays and Saturdays, but he is primarily known for his 45-minute Sunday tours, when the ship turns into the “Sunday Ice Cream Cruise,” which includes a serving of the cool treat.

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