Riva 88 Florida Yacht Opens to the Sky with Convertible Top

Posted: July 10, 2014

By: C.C. Weiss [Gizmag]

Shipyards have become quite consumed with engineering new ways of opening up the roofs on seafaring vessels. A few years' time has given us the vanishing enclosure of the Reversys and the folding top on the Oronero. Now, we have an 88-ft (26-m) Florida yacht boasting its own innovative Convertible Top system.

Italian shipyard Riva doesn't try to make the claim that the new 88 Florida is the first convertible-top boat in the world, but it does say that the boat's convertible system is unique. It's definitely different than the other two systems we mentioned.

The Convertible Top system was designed by Riva's parent company Ferretti Group and is used for the first time on the Florida. When activated, two concealed electro-hydraulic arms pop out of the sides of the deckhouse, grab hold of the roof panel and pivot it forward to open the cockpit lounge and dining area to the blue sky above. The roof panel then nests cleanly in the deckhouse.

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