Pump-Out Boat Donated To Tiverton

Posted: February 12, 2013

By: Erin Tiernan [Patch]

Tiverton will get its pump-out boat after all. A California marina owner donated a 30-foot vessel after catching news of the town's difficulty securing adequate funding to run the program.

Deciding to accept the boat in a split 4-3 decision, councilors William P. Gerlach, Jay J. Lambert, Brett N. Pelletier and council President Edward Roderick said starting a pump-out boat program was a step toward investing in developing Tiverton's harbor.

"This is an opportunity for the Town Council to make a statement that we are willing to invest in one of our greatest assets - we have the opportunity to take this boat, try for it for a season and if it's not working or if it's adding to infrastructure costs, then we can just sell it and be on our merry way," said Roderick.

Council naysayers Denise DeMedeiros, Joan Chabot and James A. Arruda worried the town would be harnassed with operating another program with too many undefined variables.

"I'm not against developing the shoreline and I would like to develop it more, but I'm concerned with whether this is the best value for doing so," said Arruda. "This is not an issue of the shoreline, this is more an issue of whether we can afford it."

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