Haida Master Carver and Students Restoring Ocean-Going Canoe

Posted: July 15, 2014

By: Richard Walker [Indian Country Today]

An ocean-going canoe carved in 2004 by Haida master carver Saaduuts Peele and students at Pinehurst K-8 School in Seattle is being restored.

Peele is doing the restoration work at the Center for Wooden Boats on Seattle’s Lake Union, where he is resident carver.

Peele and Pinehurst students carved the 40-foot canoe, Ocean Spirit, in 2003-04 and gifted it to the Native community of Hydaburg, Alaska in a potlatch in April 2004. The canoe was returned to Seattle on June 18 for repairs. Once those repairs are completed, the canoe will be returned to Hydaburg.

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