Sail-Powered Fishing Boat Donated to Blaine Historic Group

Posted: October 22, 2013

By: John Stark [The Bellingham Herald]

BLAINE, Wash. -- A 1906-vintage Bristol Bay sail-powered gillnet boat has been donated to Drayton Harbor Maritime, the non-profit historical society that operates the Plover ferry and the county's APA Museum at Semiahmoo Park.

Richard Sturgill, founding director of Drayton Harbor Maritime, said the boat is a link to Semiahmoo's past, even though it never fished in local waters. It was part of a fleet operated in Bristol Bay by an Alaska Packers Association cannery known as Diamond NN on the Naknek River. APA also had a major cannery on Semiahmoo that operated until 1964. The old water tower near the Semiahmoo Resort's hotel is the most visible remnant of that era. Old cannery bunkhouses were moved from that site to the county park farther south.

Trident Seafoods Corp. owned the vessel and used it to enliven trade show exhibits for many years, Sturgill said. He expressed gratitude to Trident for agreeing to donate it to his group. 

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