Whale Drags Down Boat With 12 Traditional Hunters on Board in Eastern Indonesia

Posted: August 21, 2013

By: Indo Surf Life

“Four made it to Mulandoro but the  eight others have yet to be found,” Lamalera village chief Yoseph Dasion said.

Local fishermen, assisted by a local marine police unit, had failed to find any of the eight missing men by late on Thursday, he added.

Traditional whale hunters on the island of Lembata usually hunt sperm whales, locally known as koteklema, but the animals have become scarce in recent years. Orca whales, or seguni, are usually not hunted as they are known to be aggressive and difficult to catch.

“It took place near Tanjung Atadei in Lembata district. We have sent fishing boats to help search for the eight people who had been thrown out of their boat as it was dragged into the water,” he said.

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Posted By: On: 8/23/2013

Title: Whale drags boat down

They kill off all the Sperm Whales and decide to now kill
the Orca's.
Ironic isn't it they kill the Whale & thats O.K.
The Whale Kill's them. Just sit back and wait.
Revenge?? NAH KARMA will get hold of them.

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