Sea Otter Return Boosts Ailing Seagrass in California

Posted: August 27, 2013  |  By: Suzi Gage [BBC]

Seagrass was deemed to be heading for extinction in this region before the otters returned.

But scientists found that the animals triggered a chain reaction of events that boosted the water-dwelling plants.

The research is published in the journal, PNAS.

The urbanisation of California has led to a huge increase in nutrient pollution in coastal waters, from increasing use of nitrogen-rich fertilizers.

This is said to be the reason for the dieback of seagrass, which has also been declining worldwide.

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Posted By: Hans Laetz On: 8/30/2013

Title: Wrong assumption, BBC, wrong assumption again

Nitrogen from urbanization in California is held well in check by sewage treatment plants, which are heavily regulated here and do a good job. The increase in nitrogen is caused by runoff from farms, which are not well-regulated here. Please check your facts.

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