Go Now: San Juan Islands on Fire for Winter Hatchery Chinook Fishing

Posted: January 10, 2013  |  By: Mark Yuasa [Seattle Times]

Blackmouth fishing is pretty darn good right now in the San Juan's. I heard that the (state Fish and Wildlife) fish checkers have had record (non-derby) days counting salmon. Seems like the fish are everywhere, so pick your favorite spot and go.

With good fishing like this, and a big derby coming up like the Roche, there will be more boats out there. If you are fishing a tight spot, or close to shore along a troll, a little common sense and etiquette goes a long way. Think of a group of boats trolling like a NASCAR race. Instead of a bunch of rednecks and Danica Patrick turning left at 200 mph, it's a bunch of Chinook addled fishermen traveling at 2 mph.

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