NB Leaders Rally Around Boat Parade; Boycott Organizers Say Dimming the Lights is a “Bitter Pill”

Posted: December 11, 2012

By: [Corona Del Mar Today]

In response to a movement to dim the lights and pull boats from the annual Christmas Boat Parade, the City of Newport Beach has posted a news item on the city website saying the city strongly supports the parade and that “the show will go on every night from December 19 through December 23.

”The boycott is part of a protest organized by the Stop the Dock Tax group, which opposes Newport Beach City Council’s proposed tax increase on residential docks. City officials say that the state compels them to charge a fair market rent on docks, which are private uses of public property. Opponents say the dock taxes are a double tax because dock owners already pay property taxes. They also oppose increasing fees on private docks from a flat $100 per year to 52.5 cents per square foot, which translates into as much as $1,000 for some owners. On Monday, the group also issued a statement that accused the City of Newport Beach of violating the Brown Act.

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