Capsized Rowers Grateful for Rescue in Atlantic

Posted: April 8, 2013

By: Scott Stump [Today News]

Two days after rogue waves ended their bid for a record-setting journey across the Atlantic, four rowers are grateful to be back on dry land.

Jordan Hanssen, Patrick Fleming, Adam Kreek and Markus Pukonen were attempting to set a Guinness world record for an unassisted, human-powered row across the Atlantic Ocean. The 4,000-mile journey started in Senegal on Jan. 23 and ended about 400 miles north of Puerto Rico on Saturday when two rogue waves capsized their boat.

Fortunately, the rowers were located by the U.S. Coast Guard and then picked up and brought to safety by an 800-foot cargo ship in the area. On TODAY Monday, the four spoke with Matt Lauer from Puerto Rico about their ordeal.

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