Capsized Boat Refloated in Downtown Napa

Posted: April 16, 2013

By: Chantal Lovell [Napa Valley Register]

The boat that capsized at the site of the future downtown dock over the weekend was towed to the Napa Valley Marina before a small crowd of spectators Monday afternoon.

The boat apparently took on water after the owner tied it too tightly to one of the old dock pylons at low tide, then went off to eat lunch. As the tide rose, the craft, estimated at nearly 20 feet, was swamped.

The owner, who has not yet been identified, contacted the Napa Valley Marina on Sunday to request help when pumps failed to refloat the vessel, said Becky Giovannoni, whose husband, Tom, is a co-owner of the company.

Giovannoni said the boat owner, who possibly lives out of town, explained that he tied the boat up when the river was at low tide and returned from lunch to find that the ropes had been too tight and the boat was held down when the tide came in.

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