Couple Recount 4,000-Mile Journey by Boat, ski and Foot From Bellingham to Alaska

Posted: February 11, 2013

By: KIE RELYEA [Bellingham Herald]

In her 4,000-mile trek from Bellingham to Kotzebue, Alaska, through wild and spectacular country by boat, ski and foot, what made Caroline Van Hemert question what she was doing wasn't the length of the journey or the nasty weather.

It was swarms of hungry mosquitoes.

"The mosquitoes were out of control," she said of the biting hordes that made the days and nights wretched for her and husband Patrick Farrell as they toiled for two weeks through the web of slow-moving waterways of the Mackenzie Delta on their way to the Arctic Ocean.


She described that experience - in which they paddled 300 miles by packraft over flat water - as "this awful boredom and misery."

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