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Intimate Portraits Capture Life of Borneo's Bajau Children Who Live Their Whole Lives on the Ocean

They are not recognised by neighbouring countries, do not know their ages, and have little concept of reading or writing.

Former Vancouver Couple Sets Off on Sailing Adventure

Dana Greyson and Wayne Seitz celebrated their eighth anniversary last week with cranberry mimosas, bacon and buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup. Although it sounds ordinary, it was hardly a common celebration.

New Baby Orca Born to Puget Sound J-Pod

A new baby orca was born to the Puget Sound J-Pod over the weekend, confirmed officials with the Center for Whale Research.

Huge Underwater Canyon is Home to Amazing Deep-Sea Creatures

A two-week-long seafaring mission off the coast of western Australia has helped illuminate a deep and dark underwater abyss the size of the Grand Canyon.

Solar-Assisted, Volcanic-Composite Sailing Yacht Navigating World's Toughest Waters

Carbon fiber has established itself as a wonder material in vehicle construction, with its mix of low weight and high strength being prized for many of the world's most advanced vehicles of land, sea and air. Austrian company Fipofix believes that it's identified a material better-suited to the high seas, saying that its specially processed volcanic fiber-based composite, more commonly known as basalt fiber, offers a better performance-price ratio than carbon fiber or fiberglass and can be recycled after use. The company is in the process of testing the material in some of the world's most extreme marine conditions.

BoatUS: 2015 List of Top Ten Boat Names

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 30, 2015 -- Big and small, power or sail, there are many different kinds of boats and so many different kinds of boat owners. But the one thing they seem to agree on is how boating makes them feel, at least if you're looking at a boat's name on the transom. "Serenity" has been named the #1 boat name for the second year in a row with the release of the 2015 list of Top Ten Boat Names from Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). It is also the name's 10th appearance on the popular list of boat names issued annually since 1992 by the recreational boat advocacy, service and safety group. "Calm, peaceful and untroubled is what boating is all about for so many boaters," said BoatUS spokesman Scott Croft.

Gray Whales Needing to Scratch an Itch Scrub Down on Sandy Beach Near the Wedge in Newport Beach

The area near the Wedge in Newport Beach might be known for big waves on the right swell -- but for whales, it's a hot spot for a good scrub down.

Splash the Cash: Super-Yachts Back in Fashion as Manufacturers Look to Middle East

Small and sleek or long and lavish. Investing in floating real estate has long represented the epitome of luxury spending.

US Navy Shows off Helium-Saving Deep-Dive Suit

Deep sea diving is more than just slapping on an air tank and jumping in the water. It's a complex operation where the diver is the sharp end of a long, complex logistical train. It's also incredibly wasteful when it comes to the helium/oxygen gas mixture that the divers breathe, so US Navy scientists at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City have developed a new prototype deep-diving system that goes easy on the helium.

'Oldest Operating Yacht in the World' Hauled Out at PT Boat Haven

The 120-foot El Primero, hauled out in Port Townsend Boat Haven last week, is "the oldest operating yacht in the world," said owner Christian Lee Lint.

Sea Lions Love Basking on Boats in the Newport Harbor

Leave your boat for too long, and you might have some uninvited guests.

America’s Cup Organizers Want Smaller, Cheaper Boats in 2017

The 2017 America's Cup may be held in smaller boats in an attempt to reduce the cost of taking part in the world's most prestigious sailing race, organizers said.

Introducing MyTaskit, a Service Coordination and Customer Communication Tool for Boat Owners

West Palm Beach, Fla. -- March 26, 2015 -- My-Villages, provider of the easiest to use and most complete task-sharing and coordination platform for consumers and businesses, today unveiled MyTaskit, a new brand, name and solution for boat owners and their captains. MyTaskit, formerly known as The Boat Village, has new features and an intuitive interface that make it easier than ever for boat owners and captains to order maintenance and repair service online, simply by assigning tasks to their boat yards electronically.

Stan Miller Yachts Announced as West Coast Dealer for MJM Yachts

Long Beach, Calif. (March 25, 2015) -- Stan Miller Yachts has announced its new partnership with MJM Yachts, the leading brand of fuel-efficient powerboats worldwide, becoming MJM's exclusive West Coast dealer for the United States and British Columbia.

Pursuit Boats Adds Alexander Marine of California to Dealer Network

Ft. Pierce, Florida, March 25, 2015 -- Pursuit Boats has appointed Alexander Marine California as its exclusive authorized dealer for Southern California. The Alexander Marine Facility is located at 2505 West Coast Highway, Suite 202 in Newport Beach. Alexander Marine, through its Ocean Alexander line of yachts, has been established in Southern California for more than 35 years and has developed a strong professional sales staff within this important marketplace. Contact Alexander Marine California directly at or (949) 515-7700.


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