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Go Swimming With the World’s Second-Biggest Shark

Basking sharks are the second-biggest fish in the oceans -- and they've got the mouth to prove it.

Golden Gate Ferries Out for Millions in Repairs, Due Back in Summer

Two Golden Gate ferries are undergoing multi-million-dollar overhauls in Southern California, with both due to this summer -- one, essentially, as a brand new boat.

This Couple Spent 20 Years Building an Incredible Floating Island Home

If you're going to get away from it all, this is one great way to do it. In 1992, Wayne Adams and Catherine King began building a floating home about half an hour by boat off the coast of tiny Tofino, British Columbia. Today that home has expanded to encompass 12 large platforms covered by living spaces, green houses, lush gardens and plenty of docks to tie up a kayak. Painted in bright magenta and teal hues, they call their self-built island Freedom Cove.

Inuit Wisdom and Polar Science are Teaming Up to Save the Walrus

The air is calm this Arctic morning as Zacharias Kunuk prepares for a long day. His morning routine does nothing to quell his nerves -- today he's going on his first walrus hunt.

Teen Sailors Ready for Newport to Ensenada Adventure

For 15-year-old Kitty Brough, sailing isn't simply a sport, it's a great adventure.

Sailboat Restoration Revives Local Maritime History

Local mariners are working to restore a wooden fishing boat that would be one of the last of its kind in working order.

Humpback Whale Population Grows, Animals Proposed to be Removed From Endangered Species Act

The federal government on Monday proposed removing most humpback whale populations in the world from the endangered species list, saying the majestic animal's numbers have dramatically recovered in the nearly 50 years since commercial whaling was banned.

Hundreds of Sea Lions on Astoria Docks Draw Steady Stream of Onlookers

The California sea lions have turned the tables.

WWII Ship Used for Atomic Bomb Tests Found 'Amazingly Intact'

The USS Independence aircraft carrier, which operated during World War II, has been located about a half mile underwater off California's Farallon Islands.

Lake Michigan Shipwrecks Seen as Ice Clears

Shipwrecks have become visible under Lake Michigan as ice melts from the surface of the water. Normally hidden under the murky waters of the massive marine body, the remains of several vessels are showing through the unusually clear water.

Long Voyage by Short Sea Ship Sets LNG Fuel Distance Record

Nor Lines' Kvitbjrn, a 5,000 dwt short sea cargo vessel built to the Rolls-Royce Environship concept, has made history by becoming the world's first vessel to operate between Asia and Europe solely on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the ship's bunker fuel.

Oregon State Researchers Track Gray Whale's Record 14,000-Mile Trek

This may go down as the longest road trip ever without stopping for a snack. Varvara, an endangered 9-year-old gray whale that Oregon State biologists have been tracking for years, made a whopping 14,000-mile roundtrip swim from Sakhalin Island in Russia to Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico and back.

Curious Whale Interrupts Ocean Dive

Researchers on a ship got quite the surprise when an unexpected guest crashed their underwater video stream.

School Sailboat Project Regains Wind

Local volunteers recently finished building a sailboat for the Blaine school district, completing a project that began four years ago as an after-school activity.

Historic Humboldt County Peace Boat Nearly Seaworthy Again, but the Golden Rule Will Soon be Departing Our Shores

This morning was a glorious morning at the Zerlang Zerlang yard in Finntown, the last vestige of the massive shipworks that once crowded the bay side of the Samoa Peninsula, a century or so ago. Goats and dogs and kids chased each other up and down piles of sand, and the sun smiled down warmly on the ten thousand pieces of jetsam that make up the Zerlang yard -- the scraps of wood and rope steel, the rows of shacks, the rust-stained cars and boats and barge. The boatwrights


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