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Preview of Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

The event affectionately known as the Maxis is one of international sailings most important and revered competitions. An impressive flotta in excess of 40 yachts will contest the 26th edition of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, taking place in Porto Cervo, Sardinia from 6-12 September.

An Exclusive Look at Nautor’s Swan Most Ambitious Yacht Yet

About six years ago, Paul Glimcher, a New York City neurobiologist and lifelong sea dog, was halfway across the Atlantic Ocean when a storm hit his 54-foot Nautors Swan sloop.

Playful Beluga Whale Photobombs the Governor of Connecticut at a Press Conference

A fairly ordinary press conference in the US was made much more interesting when a curious beluga whale photobombed Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy.

Epic Cruise: Cunard Ship to Circle Globe in 120 Days

Cunard is planning another epic around-the-world cruise that will include stops in 39 ports in 25 countries.

A Container Ship Travelling Around The Ocean At Night Is One Of The Most Beautiful Things

I literally gasped in disbelief when I first saw this timelapse by Toby Smith of the Gunhilde Maersk at sea. It goes from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Ningbo, China and the night scenes are unbelievable. The skies are salted with glittery stars and the lights of the port cities paint the horizon in a sort of ethereal fire and the container ship shines through the sea in an illustrious green and its all the most amazing thing to see.

Puget Sound's Largest-Ever Cargo Ship-Longer Than an Aircraft Carrier-Just Arrived in Seattle

If the ships coming through Elliott Bay and into Seattle's port look larger than ever, it's because they are. The container ship Callisto arrived at Seattles Terminal 18 Tuesday. The massive ship is longer than the largest U.S. aircraft carrier, and is the largest ship to ever unload in a Puget Sound port.

Floyd Mayweather Wants this $24 Million Yacht, It Comes with a Sportscar On Board

"Captain Mayweather", how does that sound? Not too good if you were on a cruise, and the captain of the ship was missing. But for the five-division champ its just another way to spend some of that fortune he gathered in a 19-year career that is about to come to an end.

Great White Shark At Catalina: A Close Encounter of the Carnivorous Kind

It is not often that I soil my wetsuit. Most of our scientific diving here at Santa Catalina Island involves counting fish, kelp stipes, and invertebrates along a 20-foot depth gradient. Much of this work is somewhat bland and rarely exceeds a high level of excitement. Say, that of observing a large carnivore.

Sun Country Marine Welcomes Boston Whaler to Lineup

Edgewater, Fla. (Sept. 1, 2015)--Leading California-area dealership Sun Country Marine Inc. announced the addition of Boston Whaler to its locations' offerings, marking a new partnership between the legendary boat manufacturer and the long-respected dealer.

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Partners to Survey World War I Shipwreck

Nearly 100 years ago, German U-Boat sank American lightship off North Carolina. On Sunday, August 30, teams from NOAAs Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, in partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, began a survey of the historic wreck of Diamond Shoal Lightship No. 71, the only American lightship to be sunk by enemy action during World War I.

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race: 'Human Will Against Nature'

LONDON--They are ordinary people making an extraordinary journey. A 68-year-old band teacher from Texas, a retired fire captain from California and a just-engaged construction contractor are among hundreds of competitors setting off Monday on the grueling Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Five Largest Megayachts At The Monaco Yacht Show

As was noted earlier this month, the French Riviera is the place to scratch your superyacht itch in September. But the true megayachts (those well over 200-feet-long), dont really come out to play or to be seen by potential buyers until the Monaco Yacht Show later in the month.

Mako Shark Phones Home, Revealing Epic Journey

One of the toothy stars of "Shark Week" has phoned home after five months at sea, revealing that this longfin mako shark was a prolific and deep-diving swimmer.

These Amphibious Boats Are Utterly Badass

The Sealegs 7.1 Meter amphibious boat is way, way more James Bond than your average yacht tender. In fact, the all of the Sealegs rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) could be described as commercially available, 165-horsepower-amphibious-recreation-assault-vehicles that any aspiring SEAL, or more accurately, anyone who wants to take their yacht tender game to the next level, can drive up the beach.

Elusive Sea Creature with Hairy, Slimy Shell Spotted After 31 Years

An elusive sea creature that boasts a vibrant golden shell covered in thick, slimy hair was recently spotted for the first time in 31 years, researchers say.


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