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Dogs of the Sea: Frolicking With California’s Sea Lions is an Unforgettable Experience

They came from every direction at once. Over a hundred and fifty living torpedoes darted and zoomed passed with incredible agility and purpose. They nipped our fins, grabbed our hoods, and tried to make off with our cameras. The pinnipeds were so thick I couldn't tell the fate of my dive partner, but by this time it was every Homoaquaticus for themselves. I was near a small crevice and briefly considered trying to stuff myself into it, but finally decided to buck up and take it like a man, when as suddenly as they appeared -- they vanished. The visibility was a good 50 feet and all I saw were a few hind flippers being swallowed up by the blue void. Now, we were sitting at 65 feet in Great White country, all alone, with only some sea mammal poop floating around wondering about Nature's "subtle" warning signs of danger. After 20-30 seconds, that seemed much longer, the reef fishes came out from their hiding places, we regained our composure and oceanic life returned to normalcy.

Drone Boat Can Save Lives During Caltrans Emergency Flood Inspections of Bridges

NOVATO, Calif. (CBS SF) -- Caltrans crews used one of their coolest and newest "toys" during Thursdays big storm to tackle a lifesaving job.

Whale Sharks Trapped Inside Fishing Nets are Set Free by Divers

This is the incredible moment two whale sharks trapped inside a fishing net were set free.

Scientists Finally Find and Map San Francisco’s Most Famous Shipwreck

On days when the fog isn't too bad, sailing through San Francisco's Golden Gate offers a beautiful view. You've got the city to the south, the Marin Headlands to the north, and, since 1937, the famed bridge overhead. But if you could see what's below the surface, things are considerably less cheery. The rough waters to the west of the strait, known as the Gulf of the Farallones, include major shipping lines to the ports of San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond. And they're littered with the remains of hundreds of ships.

California's Lone River-Route Postal Carrier Says "It's No Big Deal"

As Santa readies his reindeer, and U.S. postal carriers take to their feet and trucks, one person delivering the mail this holiday season will be dropping off packages by boat.

Lake Whatcom Boat Inspections Keep Pace With Busy Season

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Boat inspectors looking for invasive mussels and other potentially harmful plants and animals checked almost 8,000 boats this season at Lake Whatcom and Lake Samish, more than double the number from 2013.

New Seawall Creates Better Access for Beachgoers in Ventura County

VENTURA, Calif. -- The recently completed new seawall, ramp and stairs at Solimar Beach, located north of Emma Wood State Beach, is a welcomed change for beachgoers and visitors that stop to take in the view of this pristine beach.

Your Guide to the Bay Parade of Lights

San Diego may not get a traditional Christmas, but that leaves room for out-of-the-ordinary holiday traditions like the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights.

Humpback Whale Nearly Swallows Pelican Whole Off California Coast

A photographer in Monterey Bay, California captured a bizarre scene recently as a humpback whale nearly swallowed a pelican alive, leaving just the birds wing and bill protruding from the cetaceans mouth.

These Engineers Row to the Beat of a Different Drum

Hunched in boats adorned with dragon heads, the competitors wield their paddles, slicing through seafoam green water as the sound of drums echoes in the distance.

At Newport Beach Boat Auction, Bargain Hunters Don't Go Overboard

Standing on a dock at the Harbor Patrol office in Corona del Mar, Harbor Resources Manager Chris Miller pointed to a rundown red sailboat that had been abandoned by its owner.

Yamaha Launches New Ecommerce Site

Yamaha Parts and Accessories, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today announced the launch of a new e-commerce website. For the first time ever, gives consumers the ability to purchase Yamaha apparel and accessories at a single online destination.

Why This Great White Shark Has Fans and Followers Around the World

I have a girl crush. Her name is Lydia and she's gorgeous. But here is the thing about my girl crush; she could crush me. Shes a 2,000-pound, 14-foot-long Great White Shark.

Dana Point City Council Approves Harbor's Development Permit

DANA POINT, Calif. -- The Dana Point City Council has been down this road several times before, and it is entirely possible some of the new faces coming aboard the dais will lodge a vote in favor of moving the Harbor Commercial Core Revitalization Project forward.

See Inside the $25 Million Over-the-Top Megayacht That Looks Like the Batmobile

The Xhibitionist is one of the most over-the-top superyachts we've come across in a while.


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