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The Derby Is Back

The Derby is back to a full two-day event with big prizes. Marina Del Rey Anglers members present the 40th Annual Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby taking place on April 18 and 19, 2015, at Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Rey.

If Lamborghini Made Boats, They'd Probably Look Like This

If Lamborghini made boats, they'd probably look like the Hedonist, an elegant, highly styled, but not over-the-top, 63 foot yacht. The brainchild of Serbian entrepreneur Boris Ivanovic; the boat is powered by Rolls Royce water jets, propelling capturing speeds of up to 40 knots. An African mahogany hull gives the Hedonist its look, which is sleek with a capital S.

Lockhart Lifts His Last Boat at Port of Port Townsend

Doug Lockhart, 58, is retiring from his position as yard and hoist manager for the Port of Port Townsend on Feb. 27. Terry Khile, a 27-year Port employee, is stepping into the job.

Italian Catches Huge Wels Catfish; Is It a Record?

Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari, an expert at catching big wels catfish, outdid himself on Thursday when he landed an enormous 280-pounder in the Po Delta, a part of the famous Po River, the longest river in Italy at more than 400 miles.

Fish Native to Japan Found in Crab Pot Near Port Orford

NEWPORT, OR (KPTV) -- A fish that's native to Japan, China and Korea was found alive in a crab pot this week near Port Orford.

Coos History Museum Interested in Tugboat Irene Exhibit

COOS BAY, Ore. -- As the Coos History Museum inches closer to its grand opening, the museum has reached out to the city of Coos Bay to acquire the Tugboat Irene as part of a new exhibit.

Boating Beauties in Shipwrights' Regatta

The 2015 sailboat racing season opens with the 24th annual Port Townsend Shipwrights' Regatta on Feb. 28.

Listening to Old Wooden Boats

TENAKEE SPRINGS, Alaska -- Hidden away in the small town harbors of the Alaska bush lies the most interesting variety of old boats you are ever likely to find anywhere.

New Boat Tour Offers Close Look at Marine Life

From harbor seal colonies to gray whales, a new boat tour based on Balboa Island promises to get you a little closer to the marine life occupying Orange County waters.

Great White Shark Confirmed Along Washington Coast

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. -- The state Fish and Wildlife Department is alerting people along the coast that a great white shark is operating in nearby waters. A harbor seal washed up at Ocean Shores recently having been partially devoured by a great white.

Under Frozen Surface of Reeds Lake, Answers Await Shipwreck Survey Team

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- For more than 60 years, a livery of steam-driven excursion boats circled Reeds Lake with passengers visiting East Grand Rapids and its former 'amusement mecca' known as Ramona Park.

Expanded Protected Area for Orcas to be Studied

Seattle -- The fight to protect an endangered pod of orcas, which have been occasionally been spotted in the Monterey Bay, has taken a small step forward.

Weighing Anchor: An Artist at Sea

Artist Jules George has undertaken several trips with the Royal Navy during the past four years. From the Middle East Gulf to the Falkland Islands, he has documented day-to-day life on board HMS Argyll -- a Type 23 frigate -- and HMS Tireless -- a Trafalgar-class nuclear-powered submarine.

Taking a Dive With Turtles via Video

The waters off Nova Scotia play host each summer to hordes of leatherback turtles that migrate to the cold Canadian waters to feed on jellyfish.

A Craft of Their Own: Enthusiasts Learn to Build Their Own Kayaks

The kayak-building class is the first of its kind in Astoria. It is hosted by the Columbia River Maritime Museum and held in the Barbey Maritime Center.


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