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Giant, Slow-Moving Sharks are Secretly Everywhere

Occasionally, we catch sight of them. The very first underwater photos of Greenland sharks were snapped in 1995. Thick, torpedo-like bodies. Surprisingly small fins. A short round snout and little eyes.

Live Jellyfish Cam Offers Stunning Views of Sea Nettles

Bored with all the vertebrates in your wildlife-cam media diet? The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California is now streaming mesmerizing live footage of its jellyfish.

Ferry Reservations in San Juans Built Around 'Staggered Release'

The big payoff isn't expected until the summer sailing season, when demand is at its peak, lines are long and it's pretty much anyone's guess how early one should show up to catch a ferry headed to or leaving the San Juan Islands.

Boat Ramp, Jetty Project are Part of Port's 2015 Budget Talk

The Port of Port Townsend Commission holds a special meeting and public hearing on its 2015 operating and capital budget at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 19, in the port commission building, 333 Benedict St., Port Townsend.

Cal Boating Approves $300,000 Grant for Marina del Rey Boat Launching Facility

MONTEREY, Calif. -- Marina del Rey will receive a $300,000 grant from the state of California to upgrade its Boat Launching Facility (BLF). The grant, which was sought by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, was unanimously approved Nov. 6 at the Cal Boating Commission meeting in Monterey.

The Sea’s the Limit for Party-Boat Anglers

On any given Sunday, the best game in town this month has not been the 49ers or the Raiders, or even the Warriors.

Cummins and Konrad Marine Unveil Most Powerful, Long Life Diesel Sterndrive Package at Pacific Marine Expo

SEATTLE, Nov. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Less than one year after announcing the formalization of their relationship, Cummins and Konrad Marine confirm they have added 480 and 550 horsepower ratings to the diesel sterndrive packages they jointly offer.

Naiad Introduces New Family of Electric-Powered Fin Stabilization Systems

SHELTON, Conn. -- Nov. 18, 2014 -- (Marine NewsWire) Naiad Dynamics, an international manufacturer of ship motion control technologies, today announced the introduction of the first products in a new line of electric-powered stabilizer systems designed specifically for use on ships operating both AtSpeed and AtRest.

Fishing and Crabbing Seminar Lineup Announced for 2015 Seattle Boat Show

SEATTLE -- November 17, 2014 -- The Seattle Boat Show, Indoors + Afloat, is known far and wide for the quantity, quality and variety of its free seminars. For the 2015 show there will be 35 new free seminars, bringing the total to 235 and prompting the addition of a fourth stage on weekends. On the fishing stage there will be 57 free fishing seminars with the best experts in their field of fishing and crabbing. There is no better way for an angler to improve his or her success on the water than investing in an hour or two to learn from the best. And it's all free. So whether it's learning to mooch, learning about tuna fishing off Washington's coast, shrimp fishing in Puget Sound or ocean salmon techniques, the Seattle Boat Show is the place to be, Jan. 23 through Feb. 1, 2015.

Inside the Canadian Coast Guard’s Newest Vessel

The CCGS Captain Goddard M.S.M. is without a doubt the most advanced ship Captain Bob Bennett had the opportunity of commanding.

Coast Guard Station Ketchikan Gets New Boats

KETCHIKAN, Alaska -- Two recently-acquired 45-foot boats will serve as the new "primary assets" for the U.S. Coast Guard's Station Ketchikan.

Pier55 Will be a New Public Park Floating Above the Hudson River

It seems that new green public spaces are being unveiled for New York every week. No sooner had thefinal section of the High Line recently opened, than plans for a similar space in Queens were announced. Now, New Yorkers can look forward to a new public park quite literally on the Hudson River.

Ocean Gliding Robots Used to Study Melting Antarctic Sheet Ice

The use of "ocean gliders" for conducting research in oceanic conditions not ideal for regular methods has been catching on in the scientific community. Examples of this have been seen in the detection of endangered whales in the North Atlantic and a study of the Atlantic sturgeon. Researchers have now turned their robotic ocean helpers towards Antarctica, to study the rapidly-melting ice sheets on the coast of the western part of that polar land mass.

SWYC Team Wins 2014 Linda Elias Memorial Women’s One-Design Challenge

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Shala Youngerman and her team from Southwestern Yacht Club won the 23rd annual Linda Elias Memorial Women's One-Design Challenge Sunday, Oct. 19 in this two-day fleet race regatta organized and sponsored by the Long Beach/Los Angeles Women's Sailing Association and hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club.

Columbus Ship Replicas Set Sail for Houma

Residents can travel back in time later this month to rediscover Christopher Columbus' Pinta and Nina as replicas of the historic ships visit to Houma.


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