Fanning the Flames

Posted: August 1, 2012

BIC FlameDisk $4.99

By: Lisa Hanks

FlameDisk is a quick, simple, cost-effective alternative to charcoal grilling. It’s ideal for boaters, picnickers, campers and beachgoers, as long as they have a charcoal barbecue — it won’t work with propane grills and fire pits. The 1-by-9.6-inch disk lit easily, though I had to use pliers to peel away the protective film, and it provides 35 to 45 minutes of steady heat, similar to charcoal. The swirling beach winds weakened the heat, and the circle of flames was a bit small for my Weber, so it took longer to cook. If I’d had two of the disks, cooking would have gone better. The ethanol fuel left my hamburgers with a clean taste, and the drippings added a hint of smokiness. Grill junkies may prefer charcoal’s smoky, complex taste, but for situations where it is inconvenient, FlameDisk is a good pinch hitter. The disk cools in five minutes once the fuel burns out, and it goes in the trash with no mess.

BIC; (203) 783-2000;

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