Extra Protection

Posted: February 1, 2013

Chart preservers start at $7.11

By: Ambrosia Brody

Keep your charts, with their carefully marked courses and routes, in pristine condition with the help of Coastline Technology’s Chart Preservers. The clear polyester pockets provide waterproof protection to keep your items safe from the marine environment. Instead of a 2B pencil, you can use a waterproof “permanent” marker pen and draw lines and annotations on the polyester covers to ensure the charts are kept in tip-top shape. The pockets have one opening to insert a chart, and once the opening is sealed with tape, the pocket is fully waterproof. A solvent can be used to remove the markings once your voyage is complete, leaving the charts ready to be used again. Each pocket can be used with two charts back-to-back or a full-sized admiralty chart folded in half.

Coastline Technology; coastlinetechnology.com

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