The Buzz About Hybrids

Posted: January 2, 2013  |  Tag: 

By: Roger McAfee

I note more “buzz” about hybrids in the marine field. Are any builders making them yet?
There are a number of small electric boats being produced in North America, and they are generally being used for harbor cruising and short-distance ferries. There is also an electric outboard motor model that is used fairly regularly on short-run dinghies. A few North American builders have been experimenting with hybrid technology in regular-sized vessels, and there is one builder in Europe building, on a production basis, 33- and 40-footers, with larger vessels reported to be under consideration.

Hybrid technology has been held back by the lack of modern battery technology, but that is starting to change. The chances are that within a couple of years we’ll see more hybrids available, but at this point, those involved with hybrids are still trying to determine exactly what segment of the market they are going to target.

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