Suspicious of Salt Water

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By: Grid Michal

We own a 2007 Four Winns 210 Horizon with a 5.0L Volvo sterndrive. Being inland in Fresno, Calif., we have found that we can only get to freshwater lakes for about 20 to 25 days each year. We are debating whether we could “safely” use the boat in brackish or salt water with a salt removal system installed. We have concerns about corrosion on both the boat engine and the trailer, but we are conscientious “rinsers” after even the freshwater uses. How do you feel about this?
Your boat, engine and drive were designed with salt water in mind. Most problems will occur regardless of the type of water the boat’s used in. Most owner flushings in the mid-Atlantic, where I am, are relatively cavalier, yet engines last 15 to 20 years. You should have a flush attachment on the starboard, forward side of the engine. That will feed plenty of water to the crank-mounted pump, so you can flush the engine.

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