Post-Cruise Chores

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By: John Temple

I am wondering what things should be done at the end of a cruise. I may be gone for several weeks or more once I put the boat to bed for the season. I may want to go for a run or two, but mostly, the boat will be left unattended. What should I do?
Your question leaves a couple of questions. If you are leaving your boat for the full off-season, then different preparations need to be made. If it is the entire off-season, the refrigerator needs to be emptied, the toilets drained and the fuel tanks filled. If freezing is not a risk, you do not have to worry about internal engine issues and water in the exhausts. But, make sure the internal zincs are new. If things could freeze, it is a good idea to run some antifreeze through the raw-water intakes.

I always recommend, if the boat is going to sit for any long period, that you close all through-hulls. If you do come back to the boat during off-season, whether you go for a run or not, run everything. Open the raw-water intakes, start the engines for at least 30 minutes, flush the toilets, turn electronics on, flush the domestic water, run the diesel furnace or air (if it is not pickled), etc. Check power to and in the batteries. If you have lead acid maintenance-required batteries, check fluids and add as necessary.

One last thing to make sure of when you start the engines is that water comes out of the exhausts — and no critters come with it. If you do not have any guards to keep critters from coming up the exhaust, it can become a nest that critters can chew through, causing the boat to sink (another time when consequential damages in an insurance company policy can be very important).

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Wow, this is in every respcet what I needed to know.

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