A Port Contortionist

Posted: March 1, 2014  |  Tag: Miscellaneous

By: Grid Michal

Because I fell in lust instead of slowly into love, I find myself the owner of a gorgeous 29-foot Sea Ray, with twin 5.0 Mercs. I’m a DIYer, and if I contort myself just so, I can change the oil, the oil filter and the spark plugs on the starboard engine. The port engine isn’t as kind. How do you service the port side of the port engine? I sure can’t see anything..
I used to lie across the flame arrestor and do everything by feel. Then my “cushion” starting getting larger, and I couldn’t feel what I was looking for. So, following a hint given me by The Nurse, I crawled onto the engine until my belly-button anchored me on the flame arrestor bolt, laid a large mirror below the port manifold and worked from what I saw. It took a few times to automatically remember that “clockwise” and “counter-clockwise” had reversed themselves, but that eventually straightened itself out.

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